Small Businesses

What is an EIN?

A unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to business entities operating in the United States for identification.

What is the process for hiring students?

Businesses can create a free profile, choose a payment option or use a coupon, fill out a post for a remote and/or in-person role, select “badges”, and reach out to applicants directly through Elm.

What is the cost of a job posting?

Subscription options allow for unlimited role posts and applicants. Monthly subscription is $15 per month, 6 month subscription for $80, annual subscription for $150. There is an introduction tier that allows for one post and costs $1 per applicant. Look out for coupon codes too!

Do business owners need to pay their interns?

Although business owners can post unpaid positions, we have found that some compensation can ultimately result in more mutually beneficial connections.

Can I get started now?

Yes! With our Early Access program, we are accepting a few select businesses to join the platform for FREE and have a team from Elm help them post their first role. Interested? Fill out this Google Form now!