College Students

Is this service free for students?

Absolutely! Elm is free for students to sign up, search, and apply for roles.

What do I put on my profile?

It is recommended you include your name, major(s), school, and a short blurb about what your interests are and what you are looking to gain by being on Elm. Then select “Badges” that correlate to any skills or certifications you have (you will need to show proof and/or reference for these badges when applying for roles).

How do I apply for roles?

Use the filters in the Search section to help define the type of roles you are looking for. Filter by industry, location (remote options are available), type of pay, and more. Once you find a role you are interested in, hit the apply button on the role description page and your profile will be shared with the business and if they are interested in connecting, they will message you through Elm.

Who is able to see my profile?

Privacy is important to us at Elm, so no other students can see your profile and businesses can only see your profile after you have applied to a position with them. The only messages you will receive through Elm are from businesses that you have applied with.

Is there a maximum number of roles I can apply to?

There is no maximum set in Elm, however, it is best to not apply to too many in case several come back with offers.

If I want to stop working for a company, how soon do I have to let them know?

That is between you and your manager, general best practice is to give a 2 weeks notice.

Learn more on our Student Guidelines Page!