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We are so excited for you to begin connecting with motivated, entrepreneurial students looking to help grow your business. Now that you have created your role, please follow these next steps to help guide you through the matching process.

Next Steps

1. Congrats! Your role is posted and students can view your listing and begin applying.
2. Manage and view your role

Once your new listing is created, locate it under the Your Listings section. In order to see students who applied, you can select a specific role to view all of the applicants in Your Listings.

3. Review student applications and set up interviews

Only after a student has applied to your role, or roles, will you be able to view their profile, resume, and application.

Once a student applies, you can message them on the platform in order to set up an interview.

In the Your Listings section, you can categorize students as Interested or Not Interested to help organize the applicants.

4. Make an Offer

Once you find a student you would like to hire, you can offer the position to the student by clicking the Make Offer button in the Your Listings section.

From there, a student can either accept or decline an offer. Hold tight, and you will receive an email notifying when a student responds!

A Few Helpful Tips

  1. Keep your profile information and job listings up to date. Once you hire someone through Elm, you will have the option to pause the listing and reactivate later on.
  2. Communicate with your applicants about scheduling, pay, and anticipated workload. While you have the opportunity to offer unpaid internships to students, we have found that some compensation results in more mutually beneficial connections.
  3. Continue to check your email or the Your Listings section weekly, after a role is posted to stay on top of applications.
  4. Did you know you can post more than one role at a time? If you have fulfilled your role, or realize you have a need for another student for the same or new position, you can create another listing! If you need to pause or deactivate a role, you can do so as well.

Have More Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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Additional Resources

Interested in learning more about how to attract the best students to your roles? Visit Elm’s business blog for tips about how to build your employer brand, grow your business, and more.

We’re so glad you decided to join Elm and can’t wait for you to begin making lasting connections and partnerships to help grow your business!