About Us

Elm is a platform that connects small business owners looking for support with entrepreneurial college students looking for real world experiences.

We strive to create these connections through simple and accessible media and technology platforms that help foster entrepreneurial growth. By investing in college students, business owners are passing on their knowledge, benefiting their businesses in the short term and helping create the next generation of entrepreneurs in the long term.

In early 2019, Dan Zeplowitz guest lectured in a business class to discuss his new startup, Tuck-ins, at Drexel University that Maddie Vassallo was enrolled in. Inspired by Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit and wanting to spark her own, Maddie connected with Dan and eventually began working to build a marketing team with other college students.

With Maddie’s help, Tuck-ins quickly grew and over the next year, employed over 20 college students to help with various projects and roles in production, sales, marketing, business development and more.

As Tuck-ins grew, Dan and Maddie realized that much of their success was attributed to the ambition and commitment of the college students. With their dedication to supporting startups, Dan and Maddie decided to create Elm with the goal of giving every small business owner the chance to grow their business in an efficient, modern, and sustainable manner - the same way Maddie and Dan grew Tuck-ins.

Dan and Maddie were then connected to Ken Nakai to develop the app and join the team as the Chief Technology Officer.