Songs to Listen to While Studying

When it comes to studying, not everyone is going to be productive in the same environment. Some people need complete silence while others do not mind working with background noise. If you are someone who likes to do work with music playing in the background, here are a few unique songs or styles you can check out that might help boost your productivity. 

1. Classical music

Studies have shown that classical music can help your brain absorb and interpret information more easily. It has been proven to help adults on memory and processing tasks, which can be applied to studying for exams that require memorization. This is likely due to the lack of speech in classical music and the emphasis on the instrumentals. It prevents people from getting distracted by the lyrics.

2. Mario Kart soundtrack

Many students are claiming to find themselves more productive when they listen to the Mario Kart soundtrack while doing their work. The soundtrack is fairly fast paced and studies have been done that show that fast-paced tunes can calm you and make you more alert. 

3. Wii Sports soundtrack

Similar to Mario Kart, the Wii Sports sound track is fast paced and upbeat which many students have found to be a very useful to listen to while they are studying. It could also make people in a better mood when they are studying since many people associate the Wii with fun memories and games.

4. Motivational songs

If you want to listen to songs that will encourage you to work quicker, you may enjoy popular motivational songs such as “Gonna Fly Now” which is the song that Rocky listened to while training and running up the art museum steps. Other songs in this category include, “The Final Countdown,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Eye of the Tiger,” and many more. 

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By Sasha Wilson

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