5 Ways to Manage Your Time Efficiently

We all know college schedules can be pretty heavy. Add your time spent with a small business, and it can get quite overwhelming. Here are five ways you can manage your time!

1. Write out a checklist

Writing a checklist can really help you physically see, and organize, what needs to get done. Checklists are a great way to break down overwhelming projects into smaller and more manageable components. Have a big proposal due? Write out the steps as tasks on a checklist for each day and check each one off as you finish. And let us be real, it is immensely satisfying to cross each item off!

2. Schedule

Similar to a checklist, a schedule is a great visual for your time. Schedules also force you to plan ahead, and make sure you do not double-book yourself on busy days. Start off with blocking out time to attend classes and complete homework and take note of the free time left. Block out some of the leftover time to complete your small business work. Make sure to leave some time to wind down! 

3. Phone tips

Phones can be such an easy distraction these days, especially when working on tedious tasks. An easy solution is to just turn it off or put it on Do Not Disturb. Setting a timer and working until it rings can also help with focus. Play soft music on your phone while you work, or put it in another room altogether! 

4. Ask for help

If you find you are struggling, whether that be in a class or with a project in your small business, it is best to ask for help and clear up your confusion earlier rather than later. This way, you will not have to spend more time than is necessary on a particular task. 

5. Take a break

Sometimes the problem is simply an overheated brain. Something as simple as a ten-minute walk can clear your head and get you back into work mode. Do not force yourself to continue when you feel burned out as that will cause the task to take twice as long. When you stare too long at something, the details blur together. There could be a very simple solution to your problem that you may be too tired to see. Stepping away to cool down gives you a chance to see those details and easy answers when you get back!

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By Tulasi Nidamarthy

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