5 Tips to Help Students Work and Study Remotely

It seems like we will never again interact with each other beyond a screen. We have all had to adjust our lives to a remote world. To help college students adjust to this new reality, here are 5 tips for working and studying remotely.

1. Make a to-do list

To-do lists are a great way for organizing and prioritizing your tasks for the day. Large projects or important exams especially can be overwhelming. Make a to-do list to break those bigger tasks up into smaller, more manageable chunks. Taking little steps at a time only makes it easier, and also allows you to focus on each section in depth. And do not forget the best part: crossing out each task when completed!

2. Go on a walk, ride a bike, read on a picnic blanket under the sky

It is not healthy to spend most of our time in front of a screen. Unfortunately, that is what we are having to do now. Take some time to unwind. Go on a walk around your neighborhood, go for a drive, play with your dog, take a nap, bake, read a book, whatever it is that helps you relax. If you feel you have no time, at least take a few minutes to close your eyes before starting up again. Whether or not you know it, taking that time away from your computer will recharge you, leaving you fresh and ready to zoom through that 12 page essay in no time!

3. Communication is key

Things happen in our personal lives that may disrupt our school lives. It is of utmost importance to keep your professors and group-mates updated in such cases. There is no need to give away unnecessary details, but a simple explanation or heads up is appreciated by all. Not only will this make your life easier, but it will let the people you work with know that it is ok if something happens to them, which facilitates a more trusting environment. 

4. Set your boundaries 

Setting both mental and physical boundaries is important when almost all interaction is online. It is all too easy to let work life bleed into personal and vice versa. Take some time to set your boundaries. Can't handle keeping your camera on during class? Let your professor know you are unable to do so and turn it off. Need time in the evening for yourself? Make it a habit to answer non-emergency emails and texts from class or work during the day. Setting boundaries will only make it easier for you to navigate in today’s world.

5. Have a dedicated workspace

Set up a spot in your house that is meant only for work. Whether that be your desk, your kitchen table, or your basement, doing so is one way to ensure your personal life will not be physically hindered with your school life. This way, when you need a break but cannot leave the house, you can just simply go into another room to recharge. 

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By Tulasi Nidamarthy

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