5 Tips on How to Ensure Interview Success

One of the most satisfying moments when opening your email is when you receive a notification from a potential employer stating you received a job interview.

Most likely, the first feeling you have when you are notified of an interview request is excitement. So, congratulations! The anticipation is finally over and an interview request means your resume stood out from the rest of those who applied for the role. Whether it is an interview for a full-time position at your dream company or for your first internship, receiving an interview is a symbol of recognition of your hard work.

Those feelings of excitement may quickly turn to panic once the interview date is set and you begin preparing for your interview. For some, interviewing can be the most intimidating part of the job search. However, any nerves you are feeling about the interview process can be calmed by following our top 5 interviewing tips.

1. Dress For Success, Even For a Remote Interview

Research shows that when you feel your best, you do your best. Make sure you look professional and put-together for your interview. A simple button-up shirt or blouse is perfect. Whatever you choose to wear, you should feel confident! If your personal style involves bright colors or patterns, do not be afraid to showcase a bit of who you are with your clothing choice. Even for virtual interviews, dressing from head to toe as if you were interviewing in an office will center your concentration on the interview. Think about your body language as well! Sitting with good posture can show you are attentive and polished. 

2. Prepare and Rehearse Key Interview Questions

You most likely will not know what your interview questions will look like beforehand, but rehearsing the most common interview questions can help boost your confidence in your ability to articulate your skills well. Think about putting together an elevator pitch or 90 second answer to the common question “Tell me about yourself.” Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and values will help you feel prepared if presented with these types of questions.

3. Showcase Yourself, Not Just Your Resume

Companies are looking for people, not bullet points, so do not be afraid to show your personality, not just your skills. In order to be personable, express what your favorite work environments look like, share a bit about your hobbies and interests, and relate to your interviewers! They have already reviewed your resume, so the interview is the time see who is behind your qualifications. Do not be afraid of a more conversational interview.

4. Find Connections Between Your Values the Company’s Values

Do your homework and research the company and role you are applying to. Spend time looking at their website and social media accounts. If you are applying for a marketing position on the communications team, be sure to do your research on any current projects they are working on. The ability to be specific about what you are excited to work on at the company makes you stand out. Most importantly, be sure to understand the company’s mission. What about the company aligns with your values or goals? Be sure to mention these alignments during the interview.

5. Always Remember You Are Interviewing the Company as Well

While your interviewers are assessing if you would be a good fit for a position, you should also consider if they are a right fit for you. Pay attention to how they describe the company culture. Consider asking your interviewers about their career journey and what parts of their job they find most rewarding. Make sure you see yourself fitting in with the company. 

Following these tips will hopefully help you feel more confident in your interviewing skills. Once you have done your research and rehearsed those key interview questions, all you have to do is be yourself! In order to bring your A-game, be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before, maintain good eye contact, and do not forget to breathe. Good luck on your next interview!

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By Juli Rudnick

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