4 Tips to Prepare for Finals Week

Finals week is quickly approaching and as students ourselves, we know the struggle of preparing for the end of the semester. Finals week can be overwhelming in general, but especially with the semester being online for many students this year. We have put together some tips to help you get prepared for the week and get through it in one piece.

1. Get Organized

Look ahead to the end of the semester and write down all of your assignments and exams in either a notebook, on your phone, or computer - whatever works best for you! By using a device to write down all of your responsibilities, you can set reminders to better hold yourself accountable.

2. Set a Schedule

After you write down all of your assignments and exams, set a schedule to work on each responsibility in pieces. Take on tasks in 30 minute to 45 minute sessions depending on what works best for you! Never dedicate too much time to any one assignment or subject as this will be draining for your body. Chunk each assignment to make the work more manageable alongside studying for finals as well.

3. Study & Work in Shifts

Now that the work has been divided up, stick to your schedule as best as you can. Giving yourself a break, and switching between assignments can help prevent your brain from getting too overwhelmed and tired. This allows for the time you allocate to each session to be used more efficiently.

4. Get Enough Rest

Despite the stress you may feel, ensure you put your work down at a reasonable time. Listen to your body and give it the rest needed to perform well on your exams. Neglecting your sleep can hinder your test performance and brain clarity further, so get your rest and you will do amazing.

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By Sophia Mattingly

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