4 Reasons to Shop Small this Year

We all love visiting local businesses. There’s just something about them that holds a little magic. So why not continue to support them? Here are Elm’s top 4 reasons to shop small this year!

1. Supporting Local the Economy

Small businesses tend to also shop locally, buying their raw materials and supplies from other local businesses. When customers shop local, it’s a way to ensure the money put in is put back in the community. These businesses will, in an effort to make their own products and services better for customers, attract other businesses to the area.

They may even encourage local entrepreneurship, causing a natural local flourish. As this growth happens, more jobs are available locally, which would also attract others to relocate for new opportunities.

2. Local Culture

A natural, tight-knit culture is formed when your neighbors, friends, and family are the ones running the local businesses. Customers will automatically stop viewing businesses as money-stealers, and businesses won’t be able to view customers as faceless banks.

Since connections are fostered, it’s only natural for local people and businesses to take care of each other, as both are dependent on the other as well as the community itself. For example, a business will take care about where their money is going, in order to stimulate the community so they can also get the benefits. Customers will then be more inclined to support the local businesses when they see those benefits.

Since there are names, and faces, and stories to put to each, a culture and community full of support and helping hands is formed in order to maintain and grow the local economy. 

3. Tourism Benefits

Keeping money in local economies only helps those areas grow, and build a local culture. Local businesses and locations, such as niche restaurants, antique stores, boutiques, and town squares and markets, tend to be prime tourist attractions.

Visitors want a taste of uniqueness, where they can buy and see things that won’t be offered elsewhere. They add to the local economy, and bring others looking for services and products not offered in their own areas.

4. Valuable Customer Service

Small businesses take notice when customers show interest in particular products and services. They’ll make an effort to cater more closely to their customers’ unique needs and wants. As a result, trust-based, personalized relationships are established between customer and business.

Businesses put more effort into keeping certain products stocked for local customers whose taste they know. Since local business owners and workers are likely to be your neighbors, there is more effort from both sides to take and give fairly, and maintain a pleasant and helpful environment.

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By Tulasi Nidamarthy

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