What You Need to Know About Training Programs and Grants for Your Business

There is never a perfect time to start or grow a business, there will always be uncertainties and factors that are uncontrollable. During the past year there have been so many obstacles put in front of the small business market, however there are resources that can help your business to not only surmount these obstacles, but rather grow from the hardships a business faces.

The U.S Small business administration has launched various resources that may apply to your small business ranging from grants, and award scholarships that are awarded based on the market your business falls in and/or your personal situation as a small business owner. 

Understand that there are a few requirements your business must meet in order to qualify for these various supplements, these guidelines and criteria are clearly outlined in this document.

Additionally, there are a series of forms that may need to be filled out to be processed for certain awards or grants that align with your small business. Here are some of the most commonly needed forms.

  • Federal Assistance (SF-24)
  • Performance Progress Report
  • Federal Financial Report (SF-425)

Additionally, there is a great resource known as the Common Grant Application that allows for one application to be filled out that can be entered to receive multiple grants! This application is very helpful as a starter application to get your business in the rotation!

In general, there are a few widespread grants and training programs through the Small Business Administration such as the Boots to Business (B2B) program that can assist with funding an eligible small business for a period of 5 years.

There are also a few veteran training programs such as Women Veteran Igniting the Spirit Entrepreneurship that provides training to women who are veterans, service members or spouses of service members as they work to better their business. Additionally, the Service Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program that provides entrepreneurship training to these individuals who aspire to start a small business or currently own one!

These are just a few grant options that are consistent across the board. There are additional grants and training programs that are centered around more specific business needs, that may apply to your business. 

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By Sophia Mattingly

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