Realize Your Business’s Potential through Remote Work

In a pandemic-afflicted world, the reality is that many businesses have had to pivot to online work environments. While working remotely has its challenges, Elm also sees the many benefits remote work can provide for all kinds of business owners.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic upended life as we knew it, remote work was somewhat of a niche form of employment. Now, working from home is as we know.

Even as offices begin to reopen, some companies are seeing the benefits of working remotely. The work environment post-pandemic may look very different for many reasons. One thing we have learned at Elm is how beneficial remote work can be - and we think it can help your business too. Here are 3 benefits we see about remote work:

1. Working remotely increases productivity

While this may sound surprising, remote workers are more productive than employees working in offices. Global Workplace Analytics reports that remote employees are 20-25 percent more productive than office-based employees.

In fact, employees notice this difference too. Over 80 percent of employees think remote work is a perk and find themselves to feel more productive. For many, there are less distractions when working from home (and no commute either!). Employees often feel more in control of their day, and ensuring their space is optimal for their working style.

2. Businesses have a much larger talent pool to hire from

Searching for the perfect addition to your team can sometimes be tough. This is why Elm offers employers the ability to post in-person and remote roles. By offering a remote position, the talent pool your recruit from instantly grows.

Many people are drawn to flexible positions where they can tailor their job to fit their lifestyle. Access to talent across the globe ensures business owners are finding the best matches for their company! 

3. Remote Work reduces costs and your business’s environmental footprint

When working remotely, the overhead costs of running an office decrease and billable hours shrink. In addition, companies can become greener by hiring remote help. Cutting down on the amount of employees commuting to work daily decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Commuting to work is costly for employees, too. Research suggests working remotely can save employees upwards of $5,000 annually.

As the world continues to evolve, here at Elm, we believe remote work is an asset to the future of the small business industry. While, the meaningful relationships that are fosters in a face-to face collaborative setting will never be matched, working from home does have its benefits.

Possibly, companies will adopt a hybrid approach to in-person and remote working as the world becomes to heal from the pandemic. If you think remote work can help your business thrive, be sure to connect with students on our platform who are interred in this kind of work setting.

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By Juli Rudnick

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