8 Essential Software Tools for Small Businesses

Every small business owner should know that having an online presence is key to gaining traction in their trade. However, knowing how to effectively and efficiently spark growth through online tools can be challenging. We have highlighted our 8 essential software tools to help you get started.

1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace, or formerly known as G Suite, is Google’s streamlined collection of cloud computing collaboration tools and software. Use Google Workspace as storage for all of your documents, utilize Google Meet for ease of scheduling and hosting virtual meetings, and collaborate with team members using Google Folders and Documents. One of the best tools Google Workspace provides is the ability to create a personalized email account for you and your team members (ex: info@yourbusiness.com).

2. Quickbooks

As a small business owner, managing and staying on top of all your expenses is important. Do so with ease by utilizing Quickbooks to manage and track all of your businesses financials. The accounting software package also allows for businesses to accept payments, manage and pay bills, and view monthly and quarterly financial reports. Quickbooks also has several helpful payroll functions as well. 

3. Elm

In order to quickly build a team of motivated individuals who believe in your mission, sign up for Elm today! Get connected with entrepreneurial college students who can help support your business across a variety of roles such as: Marketing, Finance, Technology, Business Development, and more!

4. Slack

Manage your new team on Slack where you can easily organize your staff into teams for simple and efficient communication. Whether your small business is operating remotely, or you want to speed up communication with your team in a secure way, Slack is a communication channel that was designed to help build stronger relationships with partners. 

5. Microsoft Excel

In addition Google Workplace, Microsoft Office Suite also offers a comprehensive package of productivity tools for your business. Specifically, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet function that features graphing tools, programming, and calculation. More powerful than Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for financial projections as well as smaller scale data management for sales and inventory. Keep in mind that Google Workspace is free to use while Microsoft tools can be purchased through a subscription service. While both can serve every business well, be sure to research both to figure out what works best for you!

6. Mailchimp

Building and marketing a brand for you business is key to growing an audience. Mailchimp makes it easy to stay in touch with your clients or customers. Mailchimp is an email marketing tool used to help you create marketing campaigns, reach out to new clients, and follow up with existing clients. The marketing automation platform offers several different pricing plans that meet every small business owner’s current needs.

7. Shopify

Whether you are selling a product or service, the e-commerce platform for online stores, Shopify is a great software to utilize. Shopify allows you to manage your store or business from anywhere. From processing orders to tracking your sales, Shopify makes selling products a breeze. The platform offers a range of resources, including a website building service as well as a retail point-of-sale system. 

8. Canva

Have you ever noticed small businesses who have aesthetically-pleasing slide decks or perfectly curated Instagram feeds and wondered how they do it? Most likely, a few of them have used Canva to design their graphics. Canva is a graphic design platform that offers templates, fonts, images, and illustrations to users seeking to create visual content. The platform is free to use with the option to upgrade to Canva Pro. Design slide decks, social media graphics, business cards, email signatures, and more all on Canva!

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By Juli Rudnick

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