5 Tips for Building a Strong Employer Brand

Let’s face it. When a student is interviewing for a position, they are also interviewing you and your business. Learn how to appeal to students through your business’s values, vision, and brand.

As a small business, you know just how much time and thought it takes to curate your company’s voice, mission, and impact. These aspects of your business are incredibly important when it comes to recruiting new talent to add to your team. However, you have to be sure your employer brand is intentional and clear when interviewing.

Students searching for roles on Elm are eager to work, learn, and grow. Their enthusiasm should be met with a similar company zeal, willing to create the best work experience and environment for new student hires. According to Sarah Lybrand at LinkedIn, crafting a strong employer brand is about how you want your organization to be perceived in the marketplace, using specific messaging to help attract the kind of prospects you are looking for. It is about building a story and then living out that story.

Think about it this way, a business understands that reputation is everything. Not only is it important to maintain a positive image in relation to your clients, services, and products, it is just as critical to ensure your team members and future employees see you in a positive light as well.

Here are Elm’s top 5 tips for creating a positive employer brand for your small business:

1. Clearly identify and publicize your values 

Not only should your mission and values guide how you make business decisions, but they should also be used to attract people who also believe and feel empowered by your same vision. A business’s mission is sometimes more powerful than compensation or salary. Almost one-third of job seekers are willing to take a job based on the work and goals of the business rather than the salary. In an interview with a student, talk to them about your business’s value and goals you hope to achieve in the next year. Motivate candidates by showing them their work will be meaningful and contribute to the growth and success of your small business.

2. Establish a welcoming company culture

In today’s job market, many candidates are searching for employers who have a strong company culture. In fact, 47 percent of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work. There are endless ways to facilitate an attractive company culture. It could be as simple as remaining transparent, open, and communicative in the workplace, or providing outlets for enrichment. It is also a good idea to inform candidates if you have flexible work hours or value a work-life balance and encourage taking time off. Your company culture should closely mirror your business’s mission and values as well.

3. Show off your team members 

In order to be seen as a trusted employer, ensure new candidates or newly hired employees can connect and meet current team members. Not only will developing a relationship between potential and new hires with current employees help with maintaining a productive and friendly workplace, it also can help convince job seekers that your small business is the right fit for them. 

4. Write compelling job descriptions

On Elm, a student will be able to not only read your job description, but also get to see your business profile. Standout with engaging copywriting. Think about job descriptions and your business profile as an extension of your company narrative. Continue your storytelling in every place you can to encourage students to apply!

5. Think about updating your website

In the digital age, a strong online presence can do wonders for your business and recruitment. Check in with your social media and online profiles, and see if your team, company culture, and future goals are clearly identifiable. The more personable a webpage feels, the more likely a job seeker will remain interested! If you think your online presence could benefit from an upgrade, possibly think about hiring a student on Elm to help you with this!

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By Juli Rudnick

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