3 Must-Have Tools for Social Media Marketing

Building your marketing team and organizing your social media can be a daunting task. In many cases, small businesses outsource their social media to younger individuals that can work to directly emphasize brand ideals and reach the company’s target audience. There are many tools that we can recommend to help your small business on its way to better reach new audiences through social media.

1. Canva

In terms of graphic creation and populating your social media platforms, there are many different options. Elm uses Canva, a website that allows for a business to create graphics that are customized to their needs. Through Canva there is a wide variety of stock photos, illustrations, animation capabilities, fonts, and pre-made templates for content creation. Canva is also great for working in a team since individuals can collaborate through Canva Teams and review other’s work seamlessly. Canva offers a free plan and a paid plan, so you can choose based on your business' needs.

Additionally, users can plan their content to post on a wide variety of social media platforms through the account, allowing for the planning and creation to be all in one place. This is a great option for expanding your marketing outreach and is very user-friendly. This section also offers a lot of inspiration and guidance with pre-made materials that you can customize to fit new promotions or product launches. 

2. Planoly

Now that your content has been made, it is time to plan when and where it will post. In terms of when your content will be posted, it can be helpful to have a program that allows you to plan and autopost each post. This can save time and make sure that everyone on the team can keep track and adjust as needed. We use Planoly in conjunction with the content planner option in Canva. Planoly has many different options for paid or free plans that can help to expand the planning options to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This option is a nice way to expand your business at your own pace without having to spend additional money on capabilities you may have access to already.

3. Linktree

Lastly, there are many different options in customizing the platforms themselves to be more user-friendly for your customers and allow for your business to maintain more information in one place. Linktree is a viable option and allows for you to populate links to your website, certain launch promotions, blogs, and more all in one place that you can link in your bio. This allows for your business to not have to pick and choose what you want your customers to have easy access to. Linktree has free and paid options that allow your business to easily edit and customize this link profile to the needs of your business.

Social media marketing can be intimidating at first, however these tools are sure to help your small business with easier and more professional marketing content.

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By Sophia Mattingly

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