10 Small Business Tasks to Delegate and Save YOU TIME

Delegation is not always easy, especially when you want something done right. But the idea that “owning a small business means sacrifice” does not have to apply to the quality and potential of your business as a result of spreading yourself thin.

As a small business owner, your specialty is making the dream into a reality, and acquiring the right team with the right skills to carry it out is just another piece of the puzzle of success. Your time is the most valuable, so we want to help you concentrate on what you do best. 

Here is some inspiration for a few tasks you can start to delegate to help you and your business thrive:

1. Create compelling outreach emails and marketing materials

While you are focusing on managing your own small business, let someone else be tasked with keeping all your customers engaged and updated on what you're working on.

2. Attend in person / virtual networking events on behalf of your business

We know you can't be everywhere at once, so send someone else to be your eyes and ears to gain knowledge, insight, and new perspectives to apply to your business.

3. Build and maintain e-commerce websites

Making sure things run smoothly and all your information is available to your existing and potential customers can be an overwhelming task for those whose strength is not behind-the-scenes tech work. Thankfully, there are many developers looking to help small businesses succeed through technical assistance!

4. Promote your business at local colleges and universities via brand ambassador programs

Set yourself and your business apart by working with college students who are looking to gain hands-on and valuable experience through helping you run your business in a variety of ways!

5. Manage and reconcile Quickbooks accounts

You did not start your business to be flooded with numbers in an excel spreadsheet. Keep all your finances in line with the help of a money manager. 

6. Reach out to prospective new clients and maintain relationships

Loyal customers are the foundations of small businesses. Show your customers your gratitude for their continuous business by ensuring that they are satisfied and valued!

7. Track website analytics to allow for better decision making

Get yourself a right hand man/woman to help you understand the data that will tell you your most promising next steps in growing your business. 

8. Create social media posts and manage promotions

What better way to get your name out there in an efficient, captivating manner than having a social-media savvy employee keeping everything up to date?

9. Promote your business to various media and public relations outlets

Building trust and credibility with audience for a fraction of marketing cost. With a small business, every dollar goes a long way and each minute of your time has a cost. Having adaptive and focused people working on effective media marketing and public relations is essential to building your brand name in your industry.

10. Write up copy for blog posts, newsletters, and other marketing needs

Writing and marketing skills are essential for communicating the message of your business to your audience. Having someone with the tools and resources to execute marketing needs will be most efficient- saving you time and money. 

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By Sofia Curto

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